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It is the mission of the Port City Blue Wave to Inspire, Motivate, and Educate youth basketball players who wish to Train, Compete, and Advance in everything they do and in every environment they find themselves in. We will require a serious, intensely-focused, and organized staff dedicated to the training, competitive spirit, and advancement of our athletes.


Focus is How to Train Year Round to Become A Better Basketball
Player and a Better All Around Athlete.

Process is Providing Information on Basketball camps and Clinics
Recommended by Blue Wave Basketball, Developing ISD plans
for both the off-Season and in-Season progress, and securing
Strategic Partnerships to help our athletes achieve success


Focus on Bringing Together Like Minded Athletes Willing to Provide
Maximum Effort and Team Success in Order to Learn and
Achieve Individual Development Goals.

Process is Providing Oswego County Athletes and those in the
surrounding communities an opportunity to participate in the Spring AAU season.
Other future projects include hosting a 3v3 compete and advance tournament
and developing other methods focusing on the the meaning of being a competitor.
I Compete 2 Succeed" (IC2S) initiative.

Focus is to Help all Oswego County athletes and those in the
surrounding communities that are involved in our program to
advance to the Next Level.

Process is to determine the aspirations of each players,
assess where they are now, determine the resources and
support they have around them, and work towards training and
competing to the level of their aspirations.  These aspirations
may include being more successful in our local high
schools, making those teams, and/or it may be to play at the
college level.  It may be to become a better leader and/
effective at handling adverse circumstances.

While we cannot guarantee the ultimate achievement of any
athlete, or promise that, we will assist them and provide them
resources and a path for to achieve their ultimate goals.

This is not in competition of their local school coaches and districts.
It is in the best interest of the athlete that those in their learning
environment partner and compliment one another.

Future projects include:
HUDL and Leadership Clinics

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