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  • Am I guaranteed equal playing time?
    No. Each player will receive as much time as they earn in the assessment of the Head Coach.  Sometimes coaches miss a player in the rotation or they ride the players out on the floor who happen to be playing well at that moment.   Your daughter was selected to TRAIN, COMPETE, and ADVANCE.  She has some responsibility for that. Absent those circumstances beyond her control, she can compete as hard as possible and be as productive as possible in what she does individually and what she does to help the team succeed. We are an AAU select team that focuses on winning because the reality is that teams that win on the AAU circuit are far more likely to have players noticed by college coaches and definitely more likely to play more games.   Teams that compete, train, and advance create successful programs, which in turn. develop successful athletes. 


    How much is it to participate?
    Suggested team fee per player is $450 and will cover 6-9 tournaments.  A deposit of $250 will be accepted when an athlete is confirmed as a member of Blue Wave Basketball.  Each team will determine exact cost.  Blue Wave Basketball is not "in the business" of AAU Basketball.  Our coaches are not paid for their services.  The fee will provide funding for entrance into tournaments, uniforms, and adminstrative costs like website maintenace and organizational AAU membership and advertising costs.  Individual teams may conduct fundraising to defray some of the cost. 


    When, where and how often do the teams practice?
    Each team will practice once each week and sometimes twice. Practices are an hour and a half and will be held on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday nights between 5:30 pm and 9:30 pm depending on gym availability.  Saturdays may also be available when not playing in tournaments.  Set times and locations will be determined upon formation of teams. 

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